Monday, June 1, 2009

fo' free

I did want to go home on Saturday and I think being anxious to get back to Lincoln outweighed the want to stay in Germany. But when we got off the plane in Amsterdam and realized our flight was delayed until 8 a.m. the next morning, all I really could do was laugh. Then all I could do was accept all of the free things NWA gave to us. Those free things included:

*A night’s stay at the Crowne Plaza hotel
*10 Euros for an airport lunch (aka-Starbucks)
*Dinner at the hotel
*A drink at the hotel bar
*Breakfast at the hotel
*An over-night package
*50 Euros toward my next NWA flight

Those were the things we received before the flight. Getting off the flight in Minneapolis we were given another packet of free things.

*10 dollars for another airport lunch (less than 10 Euros, but still)
*200 dollars toward another NWA flight

So even though I got home 20 hours after my original time, I would like to thank NWA for hooking me up with Starbucks muffins, a sweet bed and 250 dollars off my next flight. Thank you.


Jess said...

Northwest Airlines definitely got us the hook up. I will be forever grateful for our stay in Amsterdam. During our time there we got to know a few other people that also got stranded. It was funny to see disappointment in a few cultures. It seemed as though the Americans were the most upset about getting delayed. The Asian family didn't show much resistance and a German couple stayed serious but not annoyed. This made me realize that while the Americans seemed happier than the Germans overall, we also get much angrier. Our highs are higher, but our lows are lower. I'm not entirely sure if this analysis is true, but it makes sense to me.

Michael said...

Throw some of those euros my way girl.

Jaclyn said...

I've had my flights delayed before and I was annoyed because they happened on both Christmas eve and new year's eve! But I think it's great that you guys got to stop over in Amsterdam, have free food/accommodations and then get to look around the area too. It sounds like you guys had fun exploring the Red Light District. Now I'd wish I'd gotten the chance to stay over in Amsterdam for a night =).

Jess, I think your observation about the different reactions was interesting. It made me think that cultural differences do play a role in how people react to conflict in life. I would've thought that Germans, who seem to value planning and efficiency more than Americans, would be more annoyed. Then again, it could be that the Germans were being more discreet about their displeasure.

Rosemary said...

emma- didn't we make another list prior to your post? :D